Amy's passion about skin and her devotion to her clients has kept me coming back. They say how you treat your skin in your twenties determines how it looks in your sixties, with Amy's help I'm taking care of my skin today to prepare for tomorrow. I would encourage all twenty somethings to do the same and there's no one better than Amy Boyce to help you do just that! — Sasha

I have very sensitive skin and rosacea and have tried many products and treatments to help.  Amy is the first one who has been able to achieve real and lasting results - even my husband noticed! She really understands skin products and works with you to find the best products and treatments for your skin. — Sheila

Since putting myself in Amy's hands, my skin looks better now, in my mid-forties, than it did in my 20s. She has undone the damage that comes from a childhood spent on the Florida beaches! And I've gone from two or three breakouts a month to zero! — Elizabeth
When I have an appointment with Amy, I never know exactly what facial I might get because each facial is customized for what my skin needs at that time.  What I do know is this:  Amy will thoughtfully and painstakingly evaluate my skin and proceed to give me far and away the best facials I have ever experienced.  She is an expert in natural, chemical-free products and strives to give clients complete information about their skin and the products she uses on it.  She allows ample time for each client, so every session includes plenty of time for the treatments, questions, dozing off…it is an utterly relaxing experience.  The level of service Amy shows her clients is simply extraordinary and her results are real.  Since my first visit, my skin is brighter, fresher, and better nourished.  Seeing Amy makes me feel as if I am doing all I can to get my skin the care it deserves…naturally. — Anonymous

If I were Oprah, I would hire Amy Boyce to be C.E.O. of my skin care needs. I would make her my personal esthetician, and keep her on a retainer because she is that good.  PureSkin is the answer to a baby boomer’s prayers.  I’m a typical middle-aged working mother who has a job in the public eye and the need to occasionally face down a high-def camera.  A facial with Amy creates such a difference in skin tone and appearance that it’s like a small miracle. I recline in PureSkin’s yummy little jewel box spa in Chevy Chase while Amy cleans, mists, gently peels, lifts, fortifies and drenches my skin until I emerge  fresh, radiant and glowing. Believe me, the ravages of stress soften, the lines melt, the lips plump, the skin feels like a baby’s soft belly. Amy combines natural ingredients with safe, cutting-edge technology to create skin that makes you look and feel fabulous.  The treatments are affordable, they are organic, and best of all, Amy does it all herself so that you always feel like a V.I.P client.  She generously shares her ever expanding knowledge about best practices and best products so you can maintain at home. Put your best face forward, and make sure Amy and PureSkin are on your team. — Cathy

I started Endermologie treatments with Amy almost 3 years ago and I could never give them up now! I live in Virginia but I am happy to drive to Bethesda every week to see Amy and enjoy the wonderful and relaxing atmosphere at Pureskin and  the results of every session!  The treatments have worked wonders and results are really visible... Amy is now helping me get back in shape after giving birth to my second daughter....grazie. — Daniella
Amy Boyce of PURESKIN is impressively knowledgeable about the products she uses and the facial treatments she employs. If it is new to me, Amy will explain what she is using and doing while never interrupting the flow of the treatment. It is a very relaxing setting  where I often doze in and out while her hands do their work. — Anonymous
I love this place! They use clean and natural products and you really see the results, especially with the Intraceuticals oxygen infusion.  They also have an infrared bed, many other offerings and the best personal attention you can get.  I keep coming back (all the way from Virginia) and recommend Amy and Pureskin very highly. You will leave feeling beautiful and rejuvenated. — Laura Urgelles, Co-founder, The Yoga Fusion Studio

She is truly interested in making my skin and face look its best! Love you and your services, Amy! — Brigid
I must lay claim to being one of Pureskin’s first and forever clients. I’ve witnessed the ever-evolving, revolutionary world of Pureskin and I’m thankful to Amy Boyce for enlightening me. If I could, I would start almost every day in a Slimdome session. I must confess that detoxifying and slimming while I rest is a very seductive concept and that when I leave I feel invigorated and light-- cleansed in a very unique way. In addition to my obvious passion for burning calories while napping, I also credit the endermologie sessions for my ultra soft and smooth skin. And, what’s more, that beauty doesn’t go away, a maintenance session once a month has held my results beautifully. Take my word for it and enter the world of Pureskin, you’re sure to benefit from it! — Jesse

Three years ago, as luck would have it, I opened a Daily Candy DC email featuring a high-tech sauna called the slim dome and the Bethesda based spa that had it. My curiosity about the slime dome first brought me to Pureskin but it is Amy's passion about skin and her devotion to her clients that has kept me coming back. They say how you treat your skin in your twenties determines how it looks in your sixties, with Amy's help I'm taking care of my skin today to prepare for tomorrow. I would encourage all twenty somethings to do the same and there's no one better than Amy Boyce to help you do just that! — Sasha

It has been a real pleasure to be one of your clients at Pureskin, the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of your place, the quality of your services, sauna and skincare has been a must for me and made a big difference in my life. Thank you Amy. — Edith

Amy Boyce is a miracleworker... I also am a huge fan of Endermologie as a therapeutic massage treatment. Just the thing for deep tissue rejuvenation and unlike some masseuses, doesn’t leave bruises. — TW

Amy Boyce, the Company’s founder, has masterfully created a fabulous line of services that are well researched to enhance ones health, appearance and state of mind. Her effervescent and genuinely caring demeanor is refreshingly unique and enhances the whole experience. I routinely treat myself to the LED treatments and after each session you're like a walking advertisement for the company's name. My face truly radiates its Pureskin. Pureskin is a little gem and those of us lucky enough to have discovered its magic are grateful to Amy Boyce for creating such a treasure. — Abby

Endermologie, SlimDome, facials and light therapy put me back on the road to looking and feeling light and fit again after midlife suggested I needed to switch things up. The PureSkin personalized, gracious environment is a rare oasis in today's commercial desert. These treatments are only as good as the person delivering them, and PureSkin is truly a treat. — Janice

The endermologie treatments I received at Pureskin have allowed me to wear shorts in public again! Not only does it feel wonderful, but the results have lasted. This treatment dramatically reduced my cellulite and I love how smooth my skin is afterwards. It also reduces water bloat and muscle soreness. It's nothing short of a miracle! — KB