“Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” —Juvenal

We are all beautifully distinct in our own ways, which is why PureSkin treatments are developed to suit your individual needs. We create customized rejuvenation treatments that combine state-of-the-art technology with pure, performance driven products. Our facial and body care services are thoughtfully developed from techniques to ingredients that combine cutting-edge scientific research with healthy, natural skin nutrition.


INDIVIDUALIST FACIAL.  Our favorite facial provides therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits for all skin types with special attention to aging, dry and sensitive conditions. We begin with a deep cleansing massage to assess the skin's general health and levels of hydration, strength and elasticity. What follows is a custom blending of the finest naturally-based skincare products, advanced non-invasive technology and soothing treatment massage. Each facial combines skin specific exfoliation and pore cleansing with layers of nourishing vitamins and nutrients targeted to create your best possible skin. This experience is committed to your relaxation and comfort as well as powerful results. Individualized for all skin needs.

90-120 minutes / From $150+

INTRACEUTICALS® OXYGEN FACIAL.  Oxygen infusion is our anti-aging choice for instant beauty. Intraceuticals® treatments and skin care are world-renowned for dramatically smoothing fine lines, restoring youthful volume and creating a sustainable glow. With the effect of an instant facelift, an Intraceuticals® facial layers potent nutriments and antioxidants with multi-weight hyaluronic acid to transform the look and feel of your skin. The immediate result is a deeply hydrated, balanced and radiant complexion that continues to improve over the following days. Age-defying, luxurious and extraordinary.

A package of six weekly infusions includes a selection of supporting Intraceuticals® Rejuvenate products for a sustained result / $1200

75 minutes / $195

TEEN FACIAL.  A powerful facial for teens that clarifies heals and calms the skin while introducing the valuable lessons of great skin care. Our process begins with a deep cleansing and analysis and always includes manual and ultrasonic extractions. This facial's focus is to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and aid in healthy cell regeneration for accelerated, scar-free healing from breakouts. A skin specific treatment mask is applied for rebalancing and finishing support. This facial helps teens to incorporate a healthy skin care regimen into their own lives with immediate and long-term benefits.

60 minutes / $125

PRENATAL FACIAL.  Our gentle and pampering prenatal facial addresses the specific and changing needs of a women's skin during each trimester. We will clarify and soothe your skin with baby-safe products and protocols designed for women during this very special time of their lives. PureSkin's peaceful environment full of physical comfort (pillows and bolsters are offered during the third trimester) encourages expectant moms to really let go and relax. A perfect gift to give and to receive.

70 minutes / $140

REFRESHER.  An efficient facial boost between appointments when you need impact but don't have the luxury of time. This facial incorporates a deep cleansing, skin brightening exfoliation, light extractions as needed and a skin freshening mask––just the burst of radiance you need when scheduling seems impossible.

50 minutes / $100


ENDERMOLOGIE & LIPOMASSAGE BY LPG.  This is the gold standard non-invasive body treatment for stubborn fat, cellulite and loose and sagging skin. Customized for you and delivered in a 35-minute mechanical massage that combines gentle suction with a smooth rolling motion, this service is relaxing and therapeutic. With regular treatments, you will see a sustained reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a firmer more sculpted silhouette. Benefits of the treatment include a boost to your circulatory system, natural detoxification and an increase in overall vitality. All treatments are performed with the FDA approved, LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule.

35 minutes / $85

INFRARED SAUNA.  Lose up to 600 calories per session during a relaxing and cleansing treatment in the The Slimdome––PureSkin's horizontal infrared sauna. Infrared heat is uniquely penetrating––at depths of approximately 1.5-2 inches into the tissue––and generates a prolific deep tissue sweat  (often referred to as “marathon sweat”) that studies suggest may help to release toxins, dioxins and environmental pollution. The infrared heat also helps relieve sore muscle tissue while bathing the skin in its own natural oils for valuable moisture. Upon finishing, you will emerge feeling rested, clean and glowing. Extremely safe and supportive during most cleanse programs though certain health conditions are contraindicated.

40 minutes / $50