“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” —Confucius

Amy Boyce launched PureSkin in 2007 to make a genuine difference in the way people look and feel about themselves. She believes great skin increases our self-confidence, makes us feel younger and re-energizes how we feel about our overall appearance. Prior to her work in skin care, she spent nearly 20 years in fashion business. It was during her time in the industry that she became fascinated by the natural beauty of her clients and was repeatedly struck by the glow and confidence that accompanied a gorgeous complexion. It was this awakening that led to Amy shift to the world of beauty.

Amy is a board-certified esthetician dedicated to clean, results oriented products in combination with the most innovative technology available. Her unique program of treatments is carefully targeted to the needs of your skin at each appointment. Meeting both short and long term goals for healthy and beautiful skin is truly Amy's objective and her life’s dedication.